Can’t Trade Sideways Forever

For the last several weeks interest rates have remained flat.  When rates

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People are Saving their Money!!!

The market held steady this week amongst a variety of news that

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Derby Day Rate Update

The market received some concerning news throughout the week on the heels

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Consumers Aren’t Spending their Cash!

Rates remain at levels reported last Saturday amongst some surprising news released

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The Market Hovers Above Many Forces

Bond prices consistently fell throughout the week, but the good news is

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Is the Market Just Catching Its Breath?

It feels like the market took a moment to catch its breath

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The Market Demands Clarity!

Rates held strong throughout the week due to the momentum from comments Janet

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Giant Jump in the Market!

The good news is the giant jump was in the bond market,

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Back and Forth in the Bond Market

Rates jump slightly this week by 0.125% due to profit taking from

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Bad News Week for Bonds, Rates Hold Strong!

The end of the week delivered an assortment of positive news for

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