5 Things to Look for in a New Neighborhood

Once you have decided you are ready to be a homeowner, the

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What Causes Mortgage Rates to Fluctuate

We all know that mortgage rates go up and down on a

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5 Things You Should Do Before Applying for a Mortgage

If you have decided you want to buy a home you know

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Renting vs. Buying A Home

One of the big questions everyone has to ask themselves at some

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Understanding PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

When you are buying a home you will quickly learn that there

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3 Advantages of a Conventional Mortgage

Any potential homebuyer will quickly discover that there are many different loan

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How Does Mortgage Refinancing Work & Should I Do It?

If you already own a home and have an existing mortgage you

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What to Know Abut Buying a House Sold Without a Real Estate Agent

Thought it is not common, if you are house hunting you may

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3 Most Popular Mortgage Loan Types

Most potential homebuyers will need to consider how much home they can

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How to Know if You Are Ready to Buy a Home

There are many big decisions in life but few are as big

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