Mortgage Rates

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Mortgage Rates

At Hallmark We Don’t Believe In Advertising Mortgage Rates.

Are You Tired Of Trying To Find Out What Mortgage Interest Rates Really Are Today? 

Hi, my name is Dave Gallegos, owner and branch manager at Hallmark Home Mortgage

And whether you are trying to decide if refinancing makes sense, or figure out how much you can afford to borrow to buy your dream home – the internet has not delivered on its promise to make this easier. Has it? While the internet has made buying many things easier, relying on it to deliver reliable information about interest rates, it has failed miserably.

We don’t play the “Bait and Switch Rate game” at Hallmark because I don’t want to have to lie to you to get you to click on my website. Is everyone lying about rates online?  Probably not – but the thing you must understand about advertised rates is that there are simply too many variables that can affect the final rate you are eligible for.  Since the only rates advertisers quote include factors most people don’t have like 30% down payments, and a credit score that would make Warren Buffet jealous, I have a problem knowing I am advertising a rate you may never get and deception is no way to start our relationship.

Of course you want a great rate, we all do. At Hallmark, we’re committed to getting all our customers the best rate possible, along with the highest level of service and value. Our customers come back again and again, and send us their friend’s family neighbors and co-workers because of that commitment, you will too.

By the way, we’ll show you the actual rates people are really getting day in and day out across America. You’d be surprised at the gap between the advertised rates, and the rates people really get.

The biggest difference is between the rate we offer, and the rate you find with the “teaser rate” internet guys – You’ll always close with the rate we offer.

And quite frankly, aren’t we all sick and tired of being promised one thing, and getting another.

Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating speaks for itself. Try to find that with an “internet based” “teaser rate” lender. More often than not – you can’t!   We also guarantee your figures and closing docs will be at the title company 3 days before closing, and you will close when you were supposed to. If we screw up, we’ll pay you $500.  When you are doing something as stressful as buying a home or refinancing, do you want any problems along the way? Of course you don’t.

Our experience shows that the clients saving the most money and the most time are those with the best plan. Talk to us first, and we’ll build your plan together.

At Hallmark your loan will close “On Time, Under Budget with No Surprises”. And I guaranteed it!

We can’t wait to show you how we do that.

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