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Guaranteed Accurate Pre-Approval

Guaranteed Accurate Pre-Approval

Hallmark Guarantees our Full Document Pre-Approvals as long as:

  • Your personal financial qualifications stay the same or improve
  • The pre-approved loan parameters stay the same or improve
  • The property meets all the necessary loan requirements

If we were wrong, we will:

  • Reimburse documented short-term moving, relocation and/or storage expenses up to $1,500
  • Reimburse any documented lost home inspection or appraisal expenses up to $1,000
  • Reimburse any forfeited earnest money expenses up to $7,500
Our Performance Guarantee

Our Performance Guarantee

Your final closing costs will not exceed our quote at the time you lock

  • Or we’ll pay you the difference PLUS $500 after you close

We will meet the loan objection deadline per the original sales contract

  • Or we’ll pay you $500 after you close

We will meet the Closing Deadline per the original sales contract

  •    Or we’ll pay you $500 after you close

We will wire funds to title 1 day before closing

  •   Or we’ll pay you $500 after you close
Local Operations

Local Operations

We love the mortgage business because we get to help families realize the American Dream of homeownership. But the only way Dave Gallegos and his team will ever operate his company is by having complete & total control over mortgage process from start to finish. The reason is simple, we know you are counting on us to do what we said we would do, and we know it’s our reputation at stake!

  • Locally managed and supervised Disclosing, Underwriting, Processing and Closing
  • A friendly helpful staff that can answer all your questions
  • You’ll have one point of contact besides your Loan Officer
  • We guarantee your loan will close On Time, Under Budget, with No Surprises
Loan Trauma Center

Loan Trauma Center

We understand that time is of the essence because your buyer may end up with no place to live, your seller might need the proceeds to close on their next loan, and your reputation and income is at stake.


Our expert team is standing by, ready to assist you and your clients! Do you want answers? Do you need expert advice? Would you just like to know if it’s even possible to close?

We work faster than anyone in the market to get you the truth so you can know what to do.

Guaranteed Accurate Pre-Approval
Our Performance Guarantee
Local Operations
Loan Trauma Center

OTUBNS® Stands For: On Time, Under Budget with No Surpises

Because that's what everyone wants when they get a mortgage.


Hallmark Home Mortgage offers a wide range of loan options.

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An FHA mortgage is a government-insured home loan. Features for FHA loans include less strict credit history requirements, down payments as low as 3.5% (gifts can be used for down payments), and very competitive interest rates.

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VA Loans are guaranteed by the federal government, for active duty or honorably discharged military personnel. Features include $0 down payment for loans under $417,000, no monthly mortgage insurance, and very competitive rates.

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These loans are ideal for borrowers with good or excellent credit, and they feature conservative guidelines for credit scores, down payments and debt to income ratios. There are conventional loan programs available with as little as 3% down payments.

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Exactly what they sound like, Jumbo loans are larger loan amounts over $417,000. These loan programs typically require stronger credit profiles with down payments starting as low as 10% for some borrowers.

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Specialty Loan Programs exclusively for Doctors, Dentists, Podiatrists, Ophthalmologists, and Veterinarians. 100% financing up to $650,000 with no mortgage insurance. 90% financing up to $1.0 Million with no mortgage insurance, and 75% financing up to $2.0 Million

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Hallmark is an approved CHFA lender, offering a variety of loan programs to assist Coloradans with access to competitive fixed rate financing, down payment and/or closing cost assistance for both purchasing a home and refinancing.

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ARM loans are simply adjustable rate loan programs that may be available for the various other loan programs we offer. These can be an excellent alternative for some borrowers, and can be easily explained by one of our home loan experts.

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Hallmark Home Mortgage works with accepted local builders on New Construction Home Loans. And we can work on loan to help you complete that big remodel rehab project you’ve always wanted to do. We handle each step of the loan process, allowing you to focus on your Home not your Loan.

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Answers to some commonly asked questions regarding buying a home or refinancing a loan.

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View our glossary of terms and educate yourself on the home loan and refinance process

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We create peace of mind for you and your customers - so no waiting around for your clients to get their keys and asking "Where’s the money?"

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Pre-approved to closing ratio.


We guarantee our full-document pre-approvals.

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"Clear to Close" in as fast as



We were “Clear to Close” in as fast as 7 business days in May 2018!

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16.8 DAYS

Between application and clear to close


We’ve consistently averaged 16.8 days between application and clear to close since 2010.*

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We were Clear to Close


to the loan objection deadline on average in May.


On average, we were “Clear to Close” 2.8 days prior to the loan objection deadline in May 2018!


Don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about their experience working with Hallmark Home Mortgage.

Chris was very professional and quick to respond to all our questions. We appreciated the interactive financial tools to help us make the best decisions. Scott R Olson, Sep 19, 2018
This was my first home purchase, but I've heard nightmares from others about getting pre-qualified and closing. I had the complete opposite experience with the Battaglioli Team. I felt you guys were thorough and having an approval letter from you made my offer to the seller as if I had cash in hand. Thank you guys for great first experience. Kiel A Higgins, Sep 19, 2018
Chris was 100% on top of the financing for our new home. He responded to all our inquiries within 24 hours, answered all of our questions thoroughly, and took the time to make sure we understood each step of the process. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a new house! Jennifer L Olson, Sep 19, 2018
Tom and his team we're very available when needed and helped with changes to my buying process to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. Tom is very approachable and easy to talk to. Adam Lee Gerstenberger, Sep 18, 2018
Chris took care of getting everything we needed for a mortgage sorted. Michael Stephen Doty, Sep 11, 2018
I loved doing business with Brock and Hallmark. He made the process and explained everything that was happening every step of the way. He was easy to get ahold of when we had questions and gave us breakdowns on every property we had interest in. Shelby N Merchen, Sep 11, 2018
Punctual, and on point. Justin Richard Adriaens, Sep 10, 2018
Bought a great deal to the table, super clear communication and follow up. Dealt with an appraisal issue we had quickly and professionally, enabling us to still close on time on a property with multiple offers. So very impressed with how Chris operates and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others/work with him in the future. Donna Ariel Motta, Sep 08, 2018
Chris was amazing though the entire process of purchasing our new home! He is very polite, and quick to respond to any questions we may have had! Jerry Joseph Miner, Sep 08, 2018
I received pro-active communications throughout the process that addressed any questions I may have had. While there were some extra paperwork hurdles, Giuseppe and his team persevered and my re-fi closed in the committed timeframe with the rate and new payment they promised. Jennifer Jones Bruce, Sep 02, 2018
Always available for questions and advice. If a mistake with paper work was made it addressed in a timely manner for a resolution. I also like they had an office on my side of town where I was able todrop off any documents or paper work. Timothy W Byer, Sep 02, 2018
The level of communication was so great. He made the whole process very smooth. Megan Elizabeth Gembarowski, Sep 02, 2018
No complaints! Solana R Archuleta, Sep 01, 2018
The lending process was the smoothest part of our entire home buying experience. I cannot speak any more highly of Todd and his team. Jase Couture, Sep 01, 2018
Dan did a great job making sure we understood every aspect of our loan and the loan process. He was available to answer our questions at any time, and always made it easy to understand! We would absolutely recommend him for anyone looking for great, personal service on your mortgage! Eric Mark Gembarowski, Aug 31, 2018


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