Benefits of Buying Your Home at the End of the Year

Within the housing community and among buyers there is a lot of

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What is the Difference Between a Fixed-Rate Mortgage and an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

There are many different mortgage products available to today’s homebuyer. So many,

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Take Advantage of These Tax Breaks When Buying a New Home

Owning your own home is the American dream. There are many advantages

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home?

Buying a home is an exciting time and it looks different for

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What Type of Mortgage Loan Is Best for You?

There are countless mortgage products that each has their own unique qualification

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5 Expenses You Should Know About Before Buying a Home

When a potential homebuyer is considering their home budget and just how

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Meet with Your Mortgage Lender to Ensure You Are Comfortable with Your Projected Monthly Mortgage Payments

Buying a new home is very exciting but it is often very

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3 Things That Can Affect Your Credit Score and Temporarily Disqualify You from Buying a Home

Many people worry about their credit score and how it will impact

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Understanding the Balloon Mortgage

Even if you think of yourself as a fairly savvy homebuyer that

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3 Factors to Be Aware of That Can Affect Your Mortgage Rate

Rates have been at, generally, historical lows for the last few years. 

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